Google Gameface and SuperGaming Partner to Bring Wider Accessibility Features to Indus Battle Royale

Rishi Alwani
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Indus x Project Gameface at AI Week Seoul 2023

At SuperGaming we want everyone to play games and more importantly, have a level and inclusive playing field for all players. With Indus, we’ve partnered with Google to do just that. 

We’ve added custom support to the Indus Engine for Project Gameface. This way, there's a wider set of accessibility options so no player is left behind. 

What is Project Gameface? 

It is an open-source hands-free mouse that enables people to control a computer's cursor using their head movement and facial gestures. People can raise their eyebrows  to click and drag, or open their mouth to move the cursor, making it possible for anyone to play games.

For Indus we’ve configured it to:

  • Raise eyebrows to move the character forward
  • Lower eyebrows to move the character backward
  • Open mouth and raise eyebrows for sprint
  • Left mouth movement to shoot
  • Right mouth to switch to scope view
  • Head movements allow control of the camera, allowing your character to look up, down, left, and right

Essentially, you can use Gameface to play Indus without the need of additional controllers or equipment. Accessibility is crucial because it allows for games to be enjoyed by a wider range of players — regardless of their cognitive, physical, or sensory abilities. We want to foster inclusivity and empower those with disabilities to actively be a part of the community. 

Indus X Project Gameface goes global

After debuting Indus with custom support for Project Gameface at Google I/O in Bengaluru, SuperGaming partnered with Google for Indus X Project Gameface’s international debut at AI Week 2023 in Seoul this month. The booth with our game was one of the most popular zones at the event and the audience in Seoul loved it. The feedback was beyond our wildest expectations. Thank you.

This matters because at SuperGaming we want everyone to play games and more importantly, have a level and inclusive playing field for all players. 

For more on Indus X Project Gameface, check out this video from OMG-electronics — a YouTube channel run by one of South Korea’s leading broadcasters, SBS.

Thank you for building Indus with us and we can’t wait to see all of you on Virlok.