Indus Battle Royale Closed Beta — What's New and What's Next

Team Indus
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Greetings Mythwalkers,

Before we get into this update, thank you for your ongoing support. With your help, the Indus Community on Discord is over 36,000 Mythwalkers-strong. We are extremely grateful. If you’re interested in all things Indus, do show some love by checking out our Instagram and X formerly known as Twitter as well.

With that being said, here’s what’s new on Virlok.

We've been hard at work adding much needed systems and features to Indus. Here is what you can expect in upcoming playtests and the Closed Beta.

Map Updates
Multiple areas have been added on Virlok with a greater variety of gameplay options. Mythwalkers will now be able to experience these new areas:

• Urja Valley
• Knowledge Park
• Data Center
• Kaal Forest

Just one of the many environments you can expect in the Indus Closed Beta

Improved Traversal
We've also improved the overall traversal by adding additional bridges and paths for better navigation across Virlok.

HUD Improvements
We've added numerous new functionalities and accessibility features to our in-game HUD for a smoother gameplay experience.

We've revamped the HUD for the closed beta as well

Ping Improvements
We've significantly improved our ping system allowing squads to quickly communicate critical information in the heat of the battle. These include:
• Ping Wheel with multiple options
• Item Pinging

Cosmium Win Condition Improvements

The Cosmium win condition, which was first seen in the Creator Playtest, has been enhanced based on feedback. This win condition centers around capturing Cosmium before your opponents, and has been improved to have better telegraphing and more strategic spawning.

New Melee Weapon System
We've revamped the melee system, now allowing Mythwalkers to perform a stylish lunge and catch their opponents allowing for easier and more accurate melee attacks while looking cool. This gels well with a new melee weapon also coming to the game.

Katar is the new melee weapon you can use in Indus' closed beta

New Melee Weapon
Katar: we're finally adding this much requested melee weapon in Indus and you should be able to check it out in the next playtest as well as the upcoming closed beta test.

New Gun
Trident V25: the Trident is a triple-barrel light machine gun featuring two fire modes — a high RPM mode for close combat and suppressing fire, and a low RPM mode for accuracy when engaging targets at a distance. Here's a work-in-progress image of what it looks like:

New Avatars
While our marketing team would hate for us to spoil the surprise, here’s a small tease of what to expect.

  • [redacted] - a [redacted] developed by the [redacted] headed by the mysterious [redacted] to supply energy to remote areas. Equipped with a high-capacity energy core, it could power a small town.
  • [redacted] - initially a [redacted] in a theater run by [redacted], but eventually became a combat unit and achieved exceptional success in [redacted] due to its unconditional compassion and ability to evolve.

Expect full details on these two new avatars soon.

Voice Chat
Another one of the most requested features has been to add voice chat so squads can better communicate with each other. Now Mythwalkers can play as a unit with voice chat.

Player Rewards
Mythwalkers will gain XP for their performance on Virlok complete with leveling up and rewards.Expect many more surprises along with balance changes so you can experience the best version of Indus BR so far.

We can’t wait to share them with all of you — along with the Closed Beta schedule.

See you on Virlok,

Team Indus