Indus Esports Community Playtest 4: What to Expect and What's Next

Rishi Alwani
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After taking over London, GDC San Francisco, Surat, and being fortunate to make it to the cover of Stuff Magazine, we're having our first esports-focussed playtest for Indus this weekend. Also known as Indus Community Playtest 4, select content creators, community members, and esports teams have been invited to our Pune studio to help us build Indus' esports capabilities better.

Here's a quick look at some of the new additions to Indus:

  • Weapon Optics: Indus gets three different types of optics — 1x, 2x, and 4x. These are attachable to all weapons including those yet to be revealed. These offer a cleaner view of the environment when you aim down the sights. The updated reticule giving you a better chance of killing your opponents. Our game designer Akshay Kalamkar explains it all in this video:

  • New weapon: incidentally, Community Playtest 4 gets the aptly named SFR-4. It's our first burst-fire weapon. SFR-4 is a high-damage output weapon that's stable and good for long-range firefights. Our game designer Gurnoor Singh Rana breaks it down in this video:

  • Throwables: feedback from previous playtests has resulted in us adding smoke and frag grenades. These can be used in a host of situations such as throwing smoke grenades to mask a quick exit from a seemingly unwinnable skirmish to using frag grenades to draw your foes out of cover. Our game designer Jay Kamat explains more in this video:

  • Squads system, spectate mode, and revive: Indus Community Playtest 4 will debut our fresh squad system allowing you to party up, ping locations, loot, and enemies too. There's a spectate mode and revive feature added as well. Our game developer Sricharan Yamsani drops more details in this video:

These are just four of the bigger improvement to Indus that you can expect in Community Playtest 4. Other improvements include an updated map, UI, visuals, and more. We can't wait for you to drop onto Virlok with us on 17/06/23.

What's next?

At the moment, Indus pre-registrations are over three million strong. But we're not done.

We need your help in getting Indus to five million pre-registrations. This will allow all of you to unlock an exclusive skin.

What's more is, we've increased our pre-registration goal to ten million. This will give all of you a legendary crate at launch. So please pre-register and join us in building Indus together.