The World of Indus: Yaksha, Cosmium, Portals, and More

Rishi Alwani
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One of the many art exploration pieces we’ve put together to get the mood and tone of Virlok in place.

In our previous post, we outlined details on what you can expect from Indus. With this post we felt it would make sense to reveal some of the game’s lore and backstory pertaining to the world of Indus.

What Is the World of Indus?

The world of Indus is a mystery to most space-faring civilisations. A planet of wonder, Indus’ skies are dotted with ever changing floating islands, untouched and unexplored for millenia. Faint whispers of the mysterious Cosmium — a life-changing natural wealth, have drawn the attention of COVEN to these islands, who are looking to harvest it for material gain.

The Yaksha

Indus was home to an intelligent race called the Yaksha. The Yaksha civilisation was far ahead of others in the galaxy at their peak due to their research on Cosmium — a mysterious substance from beyond.

Cosmium and the Yaksha

The discovery of Cosmium had the Yaksha leapfrog the use of jet engines and nuclear power altogether moving from balloons and airships to field projection, manipulation and anti-gravity technologies. The Yaksha used Cosmium to tap into the extra-dimensional energy to fulfil their needs. In fact, Cosmium is how the Yaksha became the first interstellar civilisation in the Galaxy.

Portal — Your Way to Virlok

The only way to get to Virlok — the ever-changing island map on which you’ll be playing — is via a Portal. Although the Yaksha had many advancements, the Portals were their masterpiece. Powered by Cosmium and its unique properties they allowed instantaneous travel across large distances.

What Happened to the Yaksha?

However as fast as the Yaksha ascended, did they abruptly disappear without a trace — the entire race along with the planet of Indus simply vanished, erased from the pages of history.

The State of the Galaxy Now

Several millenia have passed. All of the Yaksha portals were thought to be lost. Until, COVEN got their hands on one, now the only known functional Portal in existence. And that’s where you come in. You are a Mythwalker. A hired gun, an adventurer, a blank slate.

A thirst for the unknown has you diving headfirst onto the planet Indus for COVEN. What will you do on Virlok? Will you explore what the Yaksha left behind? Hunt for Cosmium? Or face off against other Mythwalkers? The choice is yours.

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