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Rishi Alwani
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Just one of the many mysterious environments you’ll be able to explore in Indus.

While keen-eyed observers (and two YouTube channels) have noticed our upcoming game as a thumbnail on the SuperGaming site as well as a title we’ve been hinting at in recent interviews with the press, today we’re announcing Indus to the world.

Indus is a made-in-India for-the-world battle royale for mobile, PC, and consoles with a 2022 release date. It’s being developed with the focus of bringing our take on Indian culture with a futuristic twist for gamers across the globe. Our intent is to deliver deep lore and a sense of place that’s distinct but relatable along with guns and gameplay systems that you’d expect from a modern-day battle royale.

And though you might wonder if the objective of building Indus as a battle royale was to capitalise on the hype surrounding the genre, that’s not true.

Rather, the decision to make a battle royale game was logical given that our last two games — MaskGun and Silly Royale focus on social and multiplayer interactions that we’ve honed with our in-house tech and design talent through a decade of game development. In fact, we built a brand new tech platform from scratch to make and support Indus post-launch too.

At the moment, we’re knee-deep into the project and want to give you a sneak peek into the inner workings of actually making a game — candid, raw, and unexaggerated.

So keep an eye out on this site for updates, join our Discord community to know more and let us know what you think, and follow us on Instagram to be a part of this journey that we hope is transparent, informative, and perhaps fun.

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