Putting Indus on the Map With Flags, Capes, and Most Importantly: You

Rishi Alwani
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Over the year since Indus’ announcement, we’ve had three playtests, a trailer, and a host of community feedback. And while bringing you into our game mid-development is an honour, we wanted to do more. We wanted to celebrate the spirit of Indus with you.

In order to do this we decided to bring the flag of Indus to the world. Be it the mountains of Ladakh or the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Indus is a story of all of you, for all of you.

But before that, we needed the flag itself. 

This is where Senior Concept Artist Uday Pawar comes in. He designed the Indus flag, drawing from futuristics motifs and traditional Indian art.

“The flag is a symbol of our storied past and our bold future,” Pawar says. “To me, it was important to merge these two in a unique way and show the sci-fi and traditional aspects of Indus.”

He points to Tribhanga, a stance seen in traditional Indian sculpture and dance forms, wherein the body bends in one direction at the knees, another at the hips, and at the shoulders and neck. This was the inspiration for the Indus flag’s design.

“We wanted to give the Indus flag a sense of fluidity and feeling of energy,” he says. “So with that in mind we took our cues from classical Tribhanga and reinterpreted in a way that felt respectful of the source material while staying true to the forward-looking optimism that makes Indo-Futurism what it is.” 

With the flag in place, we decided to take it far and wide. There was no better place to start than at the Indus river itself.

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Then: Goa, Bruges, Ladakh, Paris, and Jatayu Earth's Center Nature Park to name a few.

And that’s not all. Along the way we’ve also used the Indus Flag as a cape, to celebrate our players at our playtests. Most recently at Surat and Bengaluru.

After all, it’s all of you that put the ‘Super’ in SuperGaming so it’s our way of recognising that.

For our international fans, our co-founder and CEO Roby John will be at GDC 2023 next week so keep your eyes peeled in and around Moscone Center for more of Indus, be it flags, capes, or something a little…bigger.

The best part? We’re just getting started. 

Through 2023 we have more community playtests and events planned and we can’t wait to bring more of Indus to you.